New MarbHD High Definition Rubber Tile
Burke’s new MarbHD Rubber Floor Tile is a bold departure from the flooring industry’s concept of standard marbled tile. Up to four bright and subdued colors are “marbled” together for a dramatic effect that is unique for every tile. Reminiscent of polished agate, MarbHD reflects nature’s beauty in a high performance rubber flooring. The large 18 1/8" X 18 1/8" X 1/8" tile format maximizes each tile’s unique veining and color. Each color used is included in other parts of Burke Flooring’s Uni-Color color palette, making coordinating wall base and other finishing components a breeze. Lay tiles in the same direction or quarter turn them for different design effects. Use as a whole floor, as a border or combined with any other 1/8" Burke rubber flooring. And maintenance is a snap. No topical coatings or wax treatments are required. Just use a neutral pH detergent. Dry buffing is optional but brings out MarbHD’s beautiful natural luster.


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HD1 - Light Burl
Light Burl
HD10 - Amber

HD8 - Limestone
HD13 - Olivo

HD5 - Dark Burl
Dark Burl
HD9 - Dorato Brown
Dorato Brown

HD4 - Sunset Orange
Sunset Orange
HD12 - Genova Green
Genova Green

HD3 - Ozark Gray
Ozark Gray
HD14 - Camo

HD7 - Tropic Sand
Tropic Sand
HD6 - Lakeside Blue
Lakeside Blue

HD11 - Minuto Burgundy
Minuto Burgundy
HD2 - Black Onyx
Black Onyx

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MarbHD Technical Data
Thickness 1/8"
Size 18.125" x 18.125"
Applicable Standards ASTM F-1344, Class 1B
Indentation Resistance ASTM F970 - .000" residual indent @ 250 psi
Flame Resistance ASTM E-648 Class 1