Burke 12 MIL Luxury Vinyl Tile Natural Wood Planks



The Green Story

Burke Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Vinyl Wood Planks combine the two most desirable attributes a floor can exhibit – beauty and durability – to give you a floor that’s incredibly long-lasting and attractive. Burke Luxury Vinyl is 67% post consumer recycled pvc. Vinyl products that were previously discarded in a landfill are now reclaimed in a propietary process. LEED points are available for these products.


The Clean Story

Burke Luxury Vinyl Flooring is manufactured to include new germ killing technology designed to make your facility safer from bacteria such as staph and E.coli, viruses like rhinovirus and molds. NANO-SILVER, extremely small particles of metallic silver, is added to Burke LVT giving a durable antimicrobial action. Silver particles are microscopic, making them invisible to the human eye. It just quietly goes about making businesses and environments safer places to be.

How does nano silver work?

nano silverLuxury Vinyl Tile includes a process to add Ag+, Silver ions of nano size particles to safely coat floors, in a colorless anti-bacterial armor. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria by deactivating the bacteria's oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys the bacteria cell membranes, killing the bacteria and stopping replication.


LVT Specification: Word Document
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Warranty: PDF Document
Fine Grain Wood
LVT12-103 - Dark Cherry
Dark Cherry

LVT12-109 - Dark Walnut
Dark Walnut

LVT12-105 - Chestnut

LVT12-101 - Natural Oak
Natural Oak

LVT12-102 - Blond Oak
Blond Oak

LVT12-106 - Gold Oak
Gold Oak

LVT12W-121B - Weathered Oak
Weathered Oak

Rustic Wood
LVT12W-113 - Rustic Almond
Rustic Almond

LVT12W-114 - Rustic Oak
Rustic Oak

LVT12W-115 - Rustic Pecan
Rustic Pecan

LVT12W-117 - Rustic Redwood
Rustic Redwood

LVT12W-116 - Rustic Ebony
Rustic Ebony

LVT12W-118 - Rustic Walnut
Rustic Walnut

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12 MIL Luxury Vinyl Natural Wood Planks
Technical Data
Thickness 1/8"
Size 3.6" x 37.4"
7.2" x 37.4"
Applicable Standards ASTM F-1700, Class III,
Type B
Flame Resistance ASTM E-648 Class I
Static Load ASTMF970 < .005"


Luxury Vinyl Tile has a 10 year limited warranty for light commercial and 25 year limited warranty for residential applications.

*20 mil available upon request, minimum may be required.